Pheasants Forever: The Habitat Organization

Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.

Founded in 1982 in response to the continuing decline of ring-necked pheasant populations,Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasant and other wildlife populations through habitat improvement, public awareness and education and land management policies that benefit private landowners and wildlife alike. In 28 years Pheasants Forever has grown to more than 100,000 members and 600 chapters while spending more than $100 million on habitat projects encompassing more than 2.3 million acres in North America. At the heart of Pheasants Forever is a unique grassroots system of fundraising and project development that allows members to see the direct result of their contribution. Virtually 100 percent of the funds raised by the chapters, exclusive of membership fees, remain with the chapter. Those funds are expended on habitat projects, public awareness and education programs, and land management policy initiatives, making
Pheasants Forever the most efficient conservation organization in the nation. Pheasants Forever also realizes the benefits of a well-informed citizenry that can make responsible decisions concerning wildlife and land management policies.
In response to this, we have developed programs and materials that promote public conservation education and awareness. Among these are:
. Pheasants Forever Journal - a widely recognized national magazine published 5 times a year.
. The Leopold Education Project - an award-winning conservation education curriculum based
 on Aldo Leopold's, A Sand County Almanac
. Ringnecks - Pheasants Forever's youth program which introduces thousands of young people to the outdoors annually.
Pheasants Forever stands for the hunter conservationist that wants to make a difference; by creating habitat, restoring wetlands, acquiring key critical wildlife lands for public access, and preserving the legacy of our hunting and conservation heritage.


Pheasants Forever Events




Always on the first Saturday of June each year, Muskegon County Pheasants Forever along with nearly fifteen other organizations hosts our annual youth day at the Muskegon County Fairgrounds. This event is a free family event. The gate opens at 9 AM and closes at 2:30 PM. Please see the YOUTH DAY tab for additional information.



Each spring, conifers and shrubs are planted by a youth and adult volunteers. The volunteers uually consist of Baker College Rotarians, some cub scouts and high school FFA groups. Ravenna High School students and teacher Melanie Block have have been our most consistent volunteers in the past few years. The trees are planted at the Muskegon County Wastewater Facility in an area that Muskegon County Pheasants Forever has established as a 'shelter belt'. This type of habitat provides pheasants and other animals shelter and some food for the long winter months. This is the seventh year in a row that conifers and shrubs have been planted in this area as a tribute to Arbor Day and Earth Day as well.





Youth and Womens Hunt

Our next event will be Saturday, December 4, 2016 at Park Lake Pheasant Preserve. Traditional walkup bird hunts behind seasoned hunting dogs will be provided for approximately twenty women and young hunters. Everyone will be able to shoot clay pigeon targets for a hunt warmup, followed by a hunt in groups of 2 people at a time with hunt mentors provided. Bird cleaning classes were given as well as pre-hunt safety instruction for all. Check out the pictures (see the PHOTOS) tab and click on 2010 Youth_Womens Hunt folder. Call Greg Dahl at 231-638-2339 for more information.

Directions to Park Lake Preserve from Muskegon:

North on US31. Get off at Fruitvale exit (Exit 131). Turn right (W).

Turn right (N) at blinking light (Old US31 - might be Oceana Drive now) at Bourns market and Chrysler dealership across road)

Turn left (W) on Meinert Park Rd (after about a mile).

Turn right (N) on Lehman Rd (after a few miles)

Turn right (E) on Roosevelt Rd (Again after a few miles) Blue 2-story farm house on hill to the right in view across a cut corn field. Parking is up by the farm house and the out building to the south.

If you have a GPS, don't follow it's advice as they tend to bring people in from the east on Roosevelt Rd which is nothing more than a 2-tra





Volunteer Tree Planters





To See Photos of Our Current Muskegon County Wastewater Habitat Project - Fields of Dreams

Go to the 'Photos' tab on the banner bar at the top of the page. View the spring 2008 spraying of the weeds (included was the invasive species called knap weed) and then view the fall 2008 photos showing the winter rye growing. This spring (2009), the native prairie grasses and wildflowers were planted on the 112 acres while the winter rye cover crop was being sprayed to make room for the grasses and to remove all competitive weed life. See the pictures under the Wastewater Project Spring 2009. The next phase has also begun as 135 acres were sprayed in June, 2009 to kill out the spotted knap weed and other weeds there. Since this spraying, this area was mowed in August and was sprayed again in September 2009 to further eradicate all remaining weeds. These 135 acres were planted with prairie grasses in the Spring of 2010. The third phase has been started as well with planting scheduled for the spring of 2011. Click here to view the article from the Muskegon Chronicle about the 2010 Arbor Day tree and shrub planting event performed with the help of local high school students.

Pheasants Forever Habitat Information

 Please see the HABITAT page for more information. Contact Dennis Radel @ 231-744-9323 with questions.

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Pheasants Forever Education

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